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[themeum_feature_items animation=”fadeInLeft” align=”text-center” title=”Durable Design & Thick Wheels” title_size=”18″ color=”#6f797a” text=”The DynoCart is durable and sturdy, and contains swivel wheels for maximum rotation.” text_size=”16″ duration=”600″ delay=”200″ image=”3587″]

[themeum_feature_items animation=”fadeInUp” align=”text-center” title=”Upward Expansion ” title_size=”18″ color=”#6f797a” text=”The DynoCart expands upwards, giving you more space for you products to prevent overflow.” text_size=”16″ duration=”800″ delay=”200″ image=”3589″]

[themeum_feature_items animation=”fadeInRight” align=”text-center” title=”Foldable and Collapsable ” title_size=”18″ color=”#6f797a” text=”DynoCart is easily foldable and can fit under the bed, in the trunk of your car, or in your closet.” text_size=”16″ duration=”1000″ delay=”200″ image=”3591″]

ergonomic and human factors

I am happy to announce the creation of our first sample of DynoCart. Please take a look at our product images.

dynocart image bga